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Lignting Effects & Options

Created on Tuesday, 17 February 2009 Last Updated on Wednesday, 05 February 2014 Written by Administrator

Special Effect Lighting can play one of the most critical elements to really enhance the success of your party.  This type of lighting can set the tone and feeling for your event.   Fun and playful... to the WOW factor...  It's all about what you want.   We will work with you and help create your ultimate party atmosphere.  Below are some options & examples of Special Effect Lighting.

  • Intelligent & Moving Fixtures (patterns & colors sweeping across) 
  • Pin Spotting ( centerpieces) 
  • Tent lighting  ( inside ceiling washes, pattern projection and uplighting or downlighting)
  • Custom & Pattern Gobo Projection ( your names,  monogram or patterns of your choice)
  • Dance Effect Lighting ( enhancing your dance program and party atmosphere)
  • LED Uplighting or Downlighting Systems with the ability to change color throughout the evening
  • Area Wash Lighting with color ( ceilings or focal points of interest )
  • Uplighting your ballroom  (most popular and beautiful )
  • Other Special Effects ( dancing on clouds, H2o moving water effect, starry night effect, lazers, and more)


Call today to add any of these special lighting effects to your party (310) 832-3200


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