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Michael and Angelo have performed at thousands of weddings since 1987.  Together they have a simple formula for success...

We care and we listen to what you want...  And delivery what is promised !!!

As Entertainers and Planners will go over all the details of the reception including  and creating a reception plan detailing all the formalities, as well as the music you want and music you don't want.  All done your way...

In the planning process, you will get the benefit of our expertise as we will share with you fun, fresh and creative ideas that you may want to incorporate in your reception plan or we may  take your ideas and suggest where it will fit best in your program. We will always share this plan with the venue or caterer, photographer, videographer and any other wedding professionals involved- so all professionals are on the same page.

Our open and direct commutation with all involved will give you the peace of mind that everything will flow smoothly throughout the night so you can be WORRY FREE... and enjoy the best party of your life!

Entertainment is approximately 5% or more of your Wedding Budget, but TWICE as many guests will remember your entertainment more than anything else!



Reception Hall & Catering


Wedding Ring


Bridal Attire


Photo & Video

Reception Hall & Catering





Yes, your Gown & your Food are important. Still, the selection of Music & Entertainment will determine the success of your reception.  We can guarantee your guests will stay after dinner to celebrate - Your Photographer & Videographer will have interesting and fun images captured,  and your guests will remember how much fun they had at your wedding...

It has been almost a year since our wedding and we still talk about the wonderful job you did for us.  We never had an empty dance floor and not only was it never empty it was packed the entire night.  You were amazing, you knew exactly what music to play at the right time.  We also loved the planning our reception with you. You gave us such incredible creative ideas! I have never been so excited!  We absolutly loved the online music library - it was so helpful and we really like the fact that it allowed us to tell you the "Must Plays" and "Do Not Plays."  You are the 1st and only DJ for all our future parties! Thank you for everything.

- Elissa and James Schneider

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