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MichaelAngelo Music understands how important your wedding ceremony is. We take great pride in delivering the best quality sound for all our brides and grooms . Our sound system is very small and unobtrusive - providing at least 2 lavaliere microphones (clip-on lapel mics-best for your very important ceremony photographs!). We also can provide additional mics for your wedding ceremony program( i.e. - singers, musicians, ect...). Be confident that all of your guests will be able to hear your entire ceremony at just the right volume. And yes - your guests will be able to hear you exchange your wedding vows (call and ask us how).

Of course, all music selections are customized just the way you like it. From traditional and classic to contemporary and original...

We also can provide a quality sound/music system for your cocktail hour as well, even if it is set in a different location from your ceremony and/or reception. No breakdown and reset of any equipment. Non-stop continuous music for the entire time.

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