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How To Find The Right DJ

There are hundreds of DJs in the south bay area, ranging from your neighbor's friend who just likes playing his music really loud, to consummate professional with many years of experience. How do you know which is which and who is right for you?

Here are a few tips to find the right DJ for your reception:

First, we suggest starting with a wedding DJ specialist. Don’t know anyone ? Ask Around! Ask your wedding planner, venue, or the people you trust- i.e. friends and family. People in the industry should know your DJ. If not, why don't they?

Second, do your homework. This is not a decision which can be made over the phone, any more than you would choose your dress or your photographer by phone. When you meet with your DJ, insist on seeing video footage of them at a wedding so you can judge their skills on and off the microphone. You wouldn’t dream of hiring a photographer without seeing their work, would you? So why would you hire your entertainment, the one service that you and all of your guests will experience- without meeting them and seeing their work.

For your face-to-face interview, ask these questions:What is your entertainment background?

  1. What creative ideas can you share for making my wedding more fun in a personalized way?
  2. What training have you taken to develop your skills as a Master of Ceremonies?
  3. What responsibility do you take for directing the timing of my reception’s agenda?
  4. How can you assist me in planning the agenda for my ceremony and/or reception?
  5. How can you include my guests as active participants at my reception?
  6. Do you use direction checklists or performance checklists? Ask to see it!
  7. What can you tell me about your services and/or performance that set you apart from the rest? Pay close attention to the answer.
  8. Do you have a performance video of a reception?
  9. How will you create and maintain a full dance floor at my reception?
  10. Are you familiar with my ceremony and/or reception location?
  11. Will I be guaranteed to get the DJ that I select and will their name be on the contract?

Next, check references. Yes- Really. Understand that anyone can supply you with references, but not all references are equal. Find out WHY the bride and groom loved their DJ. What did that DJ do to make their reception really fun and memorable.

"MichaelAngelo Music DJs provided the TOTAL package for our wedding reception this past August. Michael & Angelo were very professional, we met with them twice, but had to do most of the pre-planning on the phone because we live in Monterey Ca. Michael was exceptionally helpful and understanding of our situation. He made us feel completely comfortable and confident that he would do a great job, and he exceeded our expectations! From the moment we arrived at the reception, he had things underway. The music he played really set the tone and his amazing design of uplighting set the mood. We had SO MANY people tell us how awesome our wedding was, many of whom asked for the MichaelAngelo's contact info at the wedding. I would highly recommend the upgraded uplighting package as well as the DVD slide show which they also provided. Another great thing is that MichaelAngelo's service provided a price range that I think anyone can work with. We had a budget and needed to stick to it. They offered many different options and we were able to choose exactly what we wanted and still fit it within our budget. We were very happy. MichaelAngelo Music service was above the average for price when compared to other DJs but we felt this was money well spent . We received an above average DJ and service but more importantly I think our wedding was above the average . I know Michael & Angelo had much to do with that!"


I highly recommend MichaelAngelo Music DJs to anyone getting married!

- Matthew and Karen

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