• Wedding Receptions To Remember

Wedding & Event Enhancements

MichaelAngelo Music has designed these enhancements as options and add-ons that will take your wedding or event to a completely different level!

Uplighting - is one of the easiest, most economical ways to enhance your entire reception!  Light up walls, corners or specific areas of your ballroom or venue. Check out the Eco Friendly LED Technology.

Upgraded Sound System – Our Main sound system is great for up to 150 guests (varies with room size, layout, etc.)  The upgraded sound system, adds a fuller and richer sound required for parties over 150 guests.  If you're looking for that extra enhancement, this is for you!

2nd Sound System - Do you have a cocktail hour in a separate area?  Do you want to music in a second area or room?  This separate 2nd smaller sound system is perfect for such setups.

Photo Slide Show – We create a wonderful photo slide show of family, friends, of the two of you - set to music, with custom titles; Projector and Screen system rentals also available.

Monogram Projection - Do you want to project your monogram or names/wedding date onto the dance floor or walls?  This is a wonderful addition.

Custom Lighting System - Take your event to an entire different level by allowing us to design and manage a custom lighting system.  Dance Effect Lighting, Color Scene Changes, Uplighting, LED Technology Systems, Wall Washes and Custom Projections.

Call today to add any of these enhancements to your party  (310) 832-3200